Financials – FMTY

Below you will find financials applicable for FMTY ( fly me to you ) dates worldwide. Additionally, periodically I run special online offers for a limited time. Please check the Online promotional offers through the main menu, or simply by clicking here. Please note, these promotional offers are always for a limited time only.


Overnight – 7000 USD 

24 hours – $9,000 USD 

48 hours –  $15,000 USD

1 week ( 5 days ) – 40,000 USD

2 weeks – 14 days – $50,000 USD

To get in touch with me, please send me an email initially.

If prefer to contact me by phone, by all means feel free to call me on + 61 400 992 626

email –

Additional cost is the return airfare from Melbourne, Australia. Please be aware with FMTY dates worldwide pre payment is required before I will book my flight. That is what usually takes the longest in the whole process. This is why 2 weeks notice is required because funds can take up to 10 working days to hit my company account. Once that is done, the process is fairly straighforward for me.

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