Promotional Offers Online

Are you interested in promotional offers online?

Sure, I get it. Fly Me to You dates are expensive for sure. And that expense is relative really. For some gentleman it isnt all that much and for others it is an expense that is too great. And so, I have decided from time to time, to announce promotional offers only THROUGH MY PERSONAL WEBSITES. The special promotional offers are not listed or available through third party directories and advertising portals. Unless you mention the promotional offer  listed on this page when making arrangements with me, my normal fee structure will apply. I will post new offers from time to time for limited time only.

The offers apply only for International Fly Me To You Dates worldwide ..outside of Australia.

Special offer available for








Fly Me To You Date anywhere worldwide 

– overnight date 

-airfare inclusive 

$5000 USD

My standard fee overnight FMTY date worldwide  is $7000 USD with travel expensive being an additional cost.To take advantage of this offer , send me an email –