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Are you searching to meet Monaco Fly Me To You Escorts? Perhaps you have never heard of this term. It was coined a few years ago, and now it has become a ” thing”. The alternative to touring is fly me to you arrangements. Granted, It Is exclusively used by high net worth gentlemen with busy schedules. And It is convenient to fly a companion to your chosen destination for certain demographic of gentlemen. The arrangement is discreet and fabulous for both parties. High Class Escorts like myself prefer fly me to you dates worldwide because it is a lot easier and a lot more pleasant way of meeting discerning gentlemen then touring. Touring is no longer favoured by high end companions, and touring has been firmly replaced by the ” fly me to you dates” by high class escorts. Having said that, I still tour on the occasion. To find out when I am on the French Riviera on tour, get in touch with me.

The massive adventage for gentlemen with fly me to you dates is that you can meet whomever you like, from all four corners of the globe. And, you can do that whenever you like, at a destination of your choice. That, is luxury in today’s world.

High net worth gentlemen often visit, or reside in locations like Monte Carlo, in Monaco and the French Riviera. And so, a fly me to you date will appeal to some gentlemen here. If searching for a lady to spend a few hours with, perhaps a fly me to you escort such as myself is not feasible.. Maybe when on the area on tour, but not via FMTY.  No one flies Internationally for a few hours. It is like ordering just french fries at a Michelin Star restaurant.  Fly me to you dates are specialized type of arrangements for gentlemen who can firstly afford the luxury experience. And secondly have the luxury of time to be able to spend at least an evening or two together.  Sometimes even longer.

For companions like myself, we love fly me to you dates because firstly, we travel with purpose. We are seeing one gentleman only, the time is relaxed and fabulous. Feels like a real date. Is time effective for us, and we can plan our time better.

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Although  The French Riviera is very small, in particular Monaco, it is not short of fun things to do. From the gigantic luxury yachts, to the luxury hotels, fabulous restaurants, and the luxury cars.. people watching at it’s finest here.  Did I mention the parties? I mean you can never say you’re depressed in Monaco. It is spectacular at any time of the year, but in particular summer time.

The beautiful people descend on the Riviera, and it is party time every day of the week.

Of course, there is the Monaco Grand Prix, which is a major event here. But there are many other events, conferences and festivals that brings tourists here throughout the year.

Monaco is full of beautiful women too. There are many high class escorts that travel here often, and are available at short notice. Mostly Eastern European and many Russian ladies.

If you are looking for someone a little different, more mature, with life experience and less like a ” call girl” vibe and more like a ” girlfriend vibe”… maybe it’s time to meet me?

Myself, I am a mature lady ( 40’s) and my preference is to meet with more mature gentlemen. Honestly,  I dont want to babysit anyone, regardless of how deep his pockets are.  I much prefer spending time with an older gentleman. Have been told, I am easy to be with, relaxed and like to have fun. Of course, In the right company, I can be mischievious, playful and unforgetable.

I like adventure, spontaneity, elegant surroundings and spending time with gentlemen that are warm, affectionate, generous, courteous and low maintenance.

Could that be you perhaps?

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There is so much more to the French Riviera then just Monaco. Yes, Monaco is amazing, but so is Nice, Cannes, Menton,  Saint Tropez, Saint -Jean-Cap-Ferrat and many other charming villages.  More then happy to meet in other locations not just Monaco if preferred.  Please note that to meet on the French Riviera, I will require at least 1 week notice. And that is the least amount of notice I need. Of course, preference is always longer notice, but a week’s notice is doable.

If you are visiting the Riviera, and would like to spend time together, I have taken the liberty and added a few of my favourite places in Monaco as a little bit of a guide for you. If you happen to be planning a special trip together with me that is!

There are many fabulous hotels in Monaco, but my favorite in Monte Carlo is The Hermitage. It is elegant, centrally located and if you happen to have a suite overlooking the water, it is magnificent.

Hotel Hermitage – Monte Carlo

The other hotel which i absolutely adore is not in Monaco, but in Saint- Jean Cap Ferrat. And is aptly called Grand Hotel Du Cap Ferrat

Grand Hotel Du Cap Ferrat

There are many other fabulous hotels, these two just happen to be my favourite.

Restaurants… ah so many good ones but I will list my two favourite:

16 Rue du Saint-Esprit, 06600 Antibes, France
Rue du Barri, 06360 Èze, France

Meet me on the French Riviera

So, if you have made the decision to embark on an adventure with me, get in touch with me first and foremost. I am an Independent lady, not associated with agents or third parties. This is very important for me, because I wish to maintain total indpeendence and therefore can guarantee discretion at all times.

Because of possible time difference ( depending on what part of the world you are in) I would recommend initial contact via email. If you prefer to call me directly, that is fine too, just bear in mind I may not answer the phone if I am sleeping or travelling. For this reason, I recommend initial contact via email. I really look forward in meeting you in this amazing part of the world, and experiencing it together!

Tel – + 61 400 992 626

email –

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