My Travels – NYC – London – Paris

 I am adding 3 of my favourite cities  where my travels – NYC – London – Paris take me normally. And so,  I will  visit those three cities exclusively once a year annually. They are not really a tour, but they do allow gentlemen that would like to meet me, but cant quiet stretch the fly me to you arrangement. And so, once a year I will visit NYC, London and Paris and perhaps we can meet during that visit. Maybe you would like to organise a fly me to you date, but prefer to meet for a shorter date first to see if we ” connect”.

Regardless, I will have availability to meet in London, Paris or NYC ( Manhattan)  in the month of July 2023.

Obviously, my fly me to you rates do not apply if we are meeting during my short visit to London, Paris or NYC. Just for ease, I have listed fees and charges below in USD. I am not fussed if the payment for my time is made in Euro , USD or Pounds, as long as it works out to that same amount listed below. 

To meet me during my only ” tour” of NYC, London and Paris in 2023, please get in touch well in advance. Once I arrive, I cannot accept requests to meet. I like to have my schedule organised well  in advance for balance  , so that I have ample time not just to meet you, but to also do some shopping and catch up with friends in each city.

Paris , France – July 2023  – exact dates not listed publicly.

London, UK – July 2023 – exact dates not listed publicly

Manhattan, NYC – July 2023 – exact dates not listed publicly

Fees applicable to meet:

2 hours – $2000 USD

3 hours – $3000 USD

Dinner or Lunch Date – $4000 USD

Overnight Date – $5000 USD

These fees apply only in NYC, London and Paris when I visit in July 2023. To make arrangements to meet, please send me an email through the contact page.

Of course, if July doesnt work for you, or perhaps you would like to meet in any other city around the globe, please visit the financial page for FMTY requests worldwide. Obviously, with Fly me to you requests, there  is a premium rate applicable for my time.

If you are a traveller, and will be in Australia ( my home base) at any time, please get in touch with me, and I can direct you to my Australian website for information about how to meet on my home turf. 


Send me an email with your request